Health Business Opportunity

Health Supplement Business Opportunity

Genesis Pure is is a brand brand-new network marketing company, that has actually entered into the health drink market.

There are so numerous MLM companies out there, selling healthy fruit drink, its easy to become either spoiled for choice or totally bombarded with information and confused.

Read this article to find out if this ground floor opportunity is a hit or a flop.

Genesis Pure-The company

Genesis Pure is a brand-new ground floor company, that has actually its foot in the door of the health and Wellness industry. The Chairman and CEO of Genesis Pure is Dr. Lindsey Duncan.

Dr’ Lindsey Duncan was inspired to start this company, through his own personal health problems as a child. As a child he suffered numerous illnesses all while taking conventional medicine.

One day he found alternative medicine and began to recover and the quality of his life was changed forever.

Genesis Pure Products

The Genisis Pure product line is listed below:

  • Core Four-Detox or cleansing products, 4 products in this line
  • Superfruits-Popular fruit juice blends like Acai and Noni juice, 5 products in this line
  • Supplements-Popular supplements like Protein drinks and calcium drinks 4 products in this line
  • Energy-Energy drinks, 1 product in this line
  • Youth Renew-Skin care system, 4 products in this line
  • Health Trim-Complete weight loss and management system, 8 products in this line
  • Environmental-Eco fuel product, reduces afterburn in the combustion chamber, 1 product in this line

Wow, that is an extensive line of products and I’m almost sorry for listing them here. You can see, from the product line, Genesis Pure is trying to target the entire health and wellness market.

Genesis Pure Compensation Plan

I won’t go over it too much in this article, the corporate website has actually a fantastic and easy to understand presentation but I will give you a brief overview.

You can get started very quickly, enrolling as a Genesis Pure IBO(Independent Business Owner) is only $47.

You then have to make your order, for best results, you’ll have to order a pak with 300, 900, 1500 PV(Personal Volume). Selecting any of these product paks will immediately make you eligible for the revenue sharing pool.

You can have immediate commissions from retail sales, so thats a plus but as far as the comp plan is concerned, its nothing I haven’t seen before.

Is Genisis Pure A Hit Or Flop?

Sadly, I feel compelled to say its a flop. I’ll tell you why. The health and wellness industry is so mind-bogglingly over-saturated its not funny, every week there is a brand-new opportunity promising health and wealth.

I personally don’t see how Genesis Pure stands out from its competitors and the flashy company website is not a unique selling point. I can’t help but think ‘deja vu’ as I study this business opportunity.

The alternative medicine industry has actually taken an immense bashing from critics and scientists alike because come companies were a little too loose with their advertizing claims, this has actually led the public to cast a suspicious eye on all companies in this arena.

From my statement above you probably think I’m no fan of this industry and you couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a big fan of this industry and I regularly use supplements to maintain my health.

But there is way too much competition, the market is crowded and it would be hard for Genesis Pure to be able to compete with other more dominant and monopolizing companies, who have been arounbd for a lot longer.

Lets not get into the huge price pressure in the health drink industry. All the odds are stacked versus you………..


I know that no matter what I say some will join anyway. Be prepared to struggle. Did you know that 97% of people fail in network marketing, within their first year?

Its because IBO’s are usually told to pitch their family and friends and really stalk people who are not interested in a business opportunity.

I wouldn’t get too excited about the ‘FREE internet leads’. They are usually uninterested in a business and have been pitched so numerous times they’ve listed themselves on the Do not call registry.

There is a solution to this problem, if you can’t wait to see what it is you can simply scroll down to my author resource box to go to a webpage where you will get that solution.

The problems most people go through are a lack of TARGETED leads and a lack of cashflow in their business.

It could take a months to years to build up the residual income but before that happens most people go broke.

DO NOT do what 97% of people do and learn how to attract only interested Genesis Pure leads you.

Health Business Opportunity

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