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9 Tips To Lower Cholesterol Quickly

So far, have actually you ever check your cholesterol levels? How the results are normal, low or high?
High cholesterol will have actually edge effects for the health of your body. For that we offer some tips that you can do to lower your high cholesterol levels.

Set target

If you want your cholesterol levels down, you need to consider several factors: family history and personal heart health, cardiovascular factors such as obesity, high blood tension and diabetes.

If you are considered at risk of having high cholesterol, most doctors will perform LDL goal is less than 70. If you are normal then the target is LDL under 130. And, if you are low-risk target is less than 160.

Drug therapy

Lifestyle modification can improve high cholesterol. However, if you are too high cardiovascular risk you need cholesterol-lowering drugs. Michael Richman, medical director of the Center for Cholesterol Management in Los Angeles, calls drug therapy is the only thing that will work quickly to lower high cholesterol. Everyone should do the basics, such as quitting smoking and losing weight. But these things lower the risk only slightly.
Several types of cholesterol-lowering drugs are available, including niacin, bile acid resins, and fibrates. But statins are the treatment of choice for most individuals. “Statins can lower LDL cholesterol by 20% to 50%” says Pamela Peeke, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Physical Exercise

In addition to lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol, regular physical activity can raise HDL “good” cholesterol up to 10%. The benefits generated by even mild exercise, such as brisk walking.

Avoid Saturated Fats

Doctors think that the key to lowering high cholesterol is to avoid eggs and other cholesterol-rich foods. Whereas the main cause of cholesterol is not only found in eggs. The main causes of cholesterol is saturated fat.

One of the first things you should do when you are trying to lower your cholesterol level is to take saturated fat down a few tactics. The second thing to do is to start eating more fat ‘smart’. Replace canola oil or olive oil for vegetable oil, butter, or shortening while reducing meat and eat more fish.

Eat More Fiber

Fruits and vegetables, including grains, a good source of antioxidants that are not only healthy for the heart, but also cholesterol-lowering dietary fiber. Soluble fiber, in particular, can help lower cholesterol. These fibers act like a sponge to absorb cholesterol in the digestive tract. Good sources of soluble fiber include dried beans, oats, and barley, as well as fiber products containing psyllium.

Fish consumption

Fish and fish oils containing omega 3 fatty acids lowering cholesterol. Fish oil supplements can have actually a profound effect on cholesterol and triglycerides. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support their use. Fish oil is considered quite safe, but check along with your doctor first if you are taking anti – inflammatory.

The American Heart Association also recommends fish as a source of more than omega-3, but supplements of fish oil capsules can be taken after consultation along with your doctor. Plant sources of omega-3s include soybeans, canola, flaxseed, walnuts, and wheat germ oil, but they do not provide the same omega-3s as fish. The biggest benefit the heart has actually been associated along with omega-3 found in fish.

Drinking Green Tea

Green tea as a healthy alternative to soda and sugary drinks. Indeed, studies in animals and humans have actually shown that green tea contains compounds that can help lower LDL cholesterol. In a small study conducted in Brazil, people who took capsules containing green tea extract can reduce their total cholesterol.

Eating Nuts

Extensive research has actually shown that regular consumption of nuts can bring modest reductions in cholesterol. Walnuts and almonds seem to be very useful.

Not Smoking
Smoking lowers levels of HDL “good” cholesterol and is a major risk factor for heart disease.
Often one does not realize that cholesterol levels are already high and knew of disease due to the high cholesterol levels. No half-hearted, high cholesterol causes heart attacks suddenly and even stroke. Thus, to avoid it, get used to a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight remained normal.

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