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Arsenic In Red Rice More than White Rice

Rice, the staple food of billions of people in the world, was not spared from harmful substances such as arsenic. Chemical elements naturally found in this soil was found at most levels in brown rice.

In a report from the Consumer studied various types of rice and other grains. In addition to 128 types of rice, including white rice, basmati and jasmine rice, which is studied by Consumer Reports additionally researches the FDA in 2012, along with a total of 697 samples.

Geographic factors greatly influence the level of arsenic toxicity. For example, basmati rice from California has actually the lowest levels of arsenic, while rice from Texas occupy the top level.

Because arsenic accumulates on the outside of the rice, the brown rice contains 80 percent more arsenic than white rice. Despite the rice washing process can actually reduce the levels of nutrients in it, but after washing, arsenic levels could fall to 30 percent.

Group of other grains that reduced levels of arsenic include sorghum, millet (millet), barley, and farro.

So far the FDA has actually not set safety standards of arsenic in rice. However, for children aged much less than 5 years ought to not be eating rice milk instead of milk.

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