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Degenerative Disease Characteristics: Piling on Stomach Fat

Disease in humans are interrelated, the initial source of the most easily detected is when we are overweight. However, not infrequently encountered people along with ideal weight who have actually the same disease in people who are overweight.

“Numerous diseases are leading to other diseases. Such cases I have actually ever met in my client. He suffered from diabetes, then spread to the liver, and eventually hepatitis C, “said Emilia Achmadi, nutritionists and sports nutrition disease prevention, in the Jakarta Food Editor’s Club in Menara Duta, Central Jakarta, as written in (5/12).

Degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension can still be prevented. One way to do that is along with the curious. Like what it is, Emilia explains, very first by knowing our ideal body weight or Body Mass Index. “Our weight divided by height. Usually people want to be in the range of BMI scores of 19 to 25, “he said. However, BMI scores could not be sized.

Not only is the weight which is used as a benchmark. We additionally need to know the distribution of fat. Usually by looking at the ratio of waist circumference and hip circumference. Is your body shape like an apple or a pear? Men and women have actually different ratios.“When fat accumulates in the abdominal cavity then you must begin to be aware of degenerative diseases. Usually the fat that accumulates in the abdominal cavity common in fathers, “said Emilia.

The difficulty of Indonesia, according to Emilia, is when eating some think is taste. “So we usually be controlled by taste. For example, there are people who can not eat without crackers. “

Other examples, such as the bean is actually fairly healthy food. But in Indonesia precisely beans mixed along with flour to make healthy meals low efficacy.

The next step is, ask yourself, ‘What shall I do?’ “Curiosity and want smart. Which is a way of learning to read nutritional information, “said Emilia.

For example, by knowing, restriction of salt in 1 day is 5 grams or equal to one teaspoon. While the consumption of sugar is 25-50 grams per day, equivalent to 3-6 tablespoons.

Actually, it’s easy to live healthy. All you need do is balance. “Living a balanced life between exercise, food choices, and the rest. Waking up in the morning was to exercise. If you can not get up in the morning, do not clubbing night, “said Emilia.

Source : CNN Indonesia

Health Business Opportunity

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