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Good Nutrition For a Healthy Brain Nerves

Do you know what good nutrition for healthy brain nerves? The nerves of the brain that is usually done by a person along with providing some of the nutrients that are not only intended to keep his health remains likewise intended to increase intelligence and improve one’s memory. A balanced nutrition is rather useful to speed up the development of the cells in your brain and keep the quality of branching cells in the brain, the better. And if you lack of nutrients to the nerves of your brain, it can lead to cells in the brain’s neurons will not function properly, so it will reduce a person’s memory and make you much less responsive to think of something.

  The question now is what nutrients are needed nerves of your brain? is he good nutrition for healthy brain nerve among others

1. Omega 3, 6, 9
The following fatty acid is a fatty acid that serves for the formation of brain nerve wrapper is rather important for health. Fatty acids are rather effective to keep clots that occur in the brain and the nerves have actually anti-inflammatory effects.

2. AA and DHA

Nutrients needed to keep the brain nerves are AA and DHA which can be found in salmon, meat, and eggs, it is useful for the growth of brain nerve well.
3. Amino acids
Amino acids are rather useful for the nerves in the brain to make her a brain structure formation and stimulation conductive substances that exist in the brain’s nerve cell connections.

4. Vitamin B
Vitamin B is rather powerful and good to eat in order to help the development of your brain nerves and likewise useful for activating brain function that can ultimately improve brain performance well.

Brain nerves to function properly in accordance along with its function will make your brain nerves remain in good health. Apply nutrition for your brain nerves that can make brain nerve awake from diseases that harm your nerves. Little information about good nutrition for healthy brain nerve powerful to maintain health and increase your intelligence.

Health Business Opportunity

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