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Disease Vertigo Symptoms, and Handling

The disease is not far from the pain and things that make us feel uncomfortable. But did you know that most illnesses can be treated quickly if we know the symptoms, treatment and prevention. then let us discuss a disease that became famous when this is vertigo disease. Vertigo symptoms and treatment of disease.

Vertigo disease began infecting the people who experience more than the normal busyness is famous once that if a person has actually a condition that is not normal to feel dizzy spinning and the environment but additionally feels spinning – the play, when one’s body is not moving (such as an earthquake ) then this
a symptom or it could indicate a person is exposed to the disease vertigo. This disease can be caused by a disruption in the balance of the central or peripheral and in addition, the disease can be caused by abnormalities in the ear. If you feel dizzy symptoms of this unusual start attacking you then consult a doctor and the doctor can diagnose it by the way the examination
ENG ie Elektronistagmografi can determine what you are exposed to the disease and whether the cause of the vertigo that you suffer.

Vertigo symptoms and treatment of disease, before knowing the handling is necessary to know the symptoms of this disease so that your data is alert and able to provide immediate treatment where symptoms
The symptoms are as follows:

   * Patients will feel spinning – swivel or she feels objects – objects around it as it rotates – the play when he was not on the move
   * Can additionally be seen from the eye movement where if there is an abnormal eye movements then it is an indication of the presence of abnormalities in the inner ear function or abnormalities in the nerves that connect to the brain. Nystagmus is rapid eye movement from left to right or from top to bottom in which this method is done to help determine the diagnosis.
   * The balance will be the symptoms of the disease symptoms strike you where you can do a test of balance, vertigo sufferers can be instructed to stand and walk in a straight line along with eyes open initially and then proceed by way of a closed eye.

We can know the vertigo disease by testing are:

   * Because the disease causes vertigo are any abnormalities in the ear then you can do a hearing test can determine if there are abnormalities in the ear that affects hearing and balance.
   * It is better to do a head MRI and CT scans can provide clues bone abnormalities and tumors may press on nerves, causing vertigo
   * Taking fluid from the sinuses, ears or spine can determine if because there is an infection that causes vertigo or not
  * Angiogram examination to detect whether there is a blockage in the blood vessels that flow to the brain, causing a decrease in blood flow to the brain that causes vertigo

Disease symptoms and treatment of vertigo, after knowing the symptoms, it is necessary to know the handling or anything that can be done to treat the disease when treatment is vertigo disease depends on the cause of the disease in which:
For diseases that are classified mild vertigo along with vertigo-reducing medication such as:

   * meklizin
   * perfenazin

   * dimenhidrinat
   * scopolamine

where all the drugs recommended above can cause drowsiness, especially for people along with vertigo in old age.

Here are some ways to prevent diseases vertigo you can do:

   * Lying

Sleeping position will be a factor one can create vertigo disease was a good position you sleep you can additionally use the position of the head is pretty high and it can additionally perform movements slowly waking up, so do not make a move surprising after sleep.

   * Pay attention to the movement of the neck
   * Avoid overeating

Obesity was not good because it would certainly cause excessive accumulation that trigger diseases including vertigo.

   * Because Vertigo can be caused by allergies then therefore avoid foods that cause your allergy.

Health Business Opportunity

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