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Often Running Can Disturb Menstrual Cycle

Numerous women are still questioning her menstrual cycle. Not infrequently, women still confused in calculating the menstrual cycle. According to an expert, a woman’s menstrual cycle can be considered normal if it is on a 28-day cycle.

“Standard cycle is 28 days, which means 28 days between the first day of menstruation and the first day of the next menstrual period. Between 24 and 31 days can be said to be a normal cycle,” she said Lerner, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brand-new York University Langone Medical Center, USA.

Furthermore, Lerner reveal if a woman’s menstrual periods tend to be irregular, the chance of problems in the body. One of the things that can disrupt the menstrual cycle is too often ran.

According to Lerner, the news that the Standard marathon runner disturbed even loss of menstrual cycle is not a myth. The combination of exercise too hard along with a low body fat makes the body is stressed, thus stimulating the brain to stop producing reproductive hormones.
“Because you can not contain under very stressful conditions, your body temporarily stop production of fertility hormones,” says Lerner.

A study found that half of women who exercise experience irregular menstrual cycles, even though sometimes subtle. Lerner advice, if your menstrual cycle does not come more than three months, you should see a doctor. “This condition is called amenorrhea, can disrupt your bone density in the long term,” he explained.

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