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Simple Habits that Make Teeth Cracked

Sweet snacks and fruit juices that contain sugar is the main enemy of dental health. But in fact several other activities that seem harmless but it likewise has actually the effect of damaging the teeth.
Activities such as sports was likewise bad for teeth. Dentists in Germany found that athletes who exercise longer have actually less saliva number so that it becomes more alkaline. This will encourage the growth of plaque. The more time spent training, was considerable along with brittle teeth.

“Every day we do things or exposed to situations that affect our teeth,” said Dr. Stephen Pitt of Dental Studio, Colchester, Essex.

Know a simple habit that turned bad for teeth.

1. Changes in temperature
Drinking something hot once you are in cold weather can cause cracks in the surface of the tooth. Drastic temperature changes will cause shallow cracks are barely visible to the naked eye.
Usually small cracks is simply a matter of aesthetics just as long teeth become stained due to coffee or red wine. However, if it continues to happen and into the dentin, this can lead to sensitive teeth. Severe Cracks can likewise damage the pulp or nerve in the tooth, causing an infection or abscess.
“It happens when you are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, so that the effect is cumulative, like constantly stepping on ice until the fall,” said Dr. Pitt.

The same effect can likewise result from drinking ice water after eating hot food. The habit of biting the ice cubes can likewise make sudden changes in temperature on the teeth causing small cracks.

2. Swim along with open mouth
Swim in the pool chlorine limit unregulated carefully can cause tooth erosion, loss of hard tissue from the tooth surface. It likewise can cause tooth discoloration and more sensitive.

3. Drug fever
Antihistamines are a mainstay for allergy it can cause dry mouth and trigger tooth decay in the long run. This drug works by blocking histamine, a substance that is released when the body’s immune system attacked pathogens.

However, not only inhibits histamine receptors, these drugs likewise have actually effects on other receptors in the body, for example in the tongue and mouth. This makes the mouth drier.

In addition to creating discomfort, dry mouth can likewise cause gum disease that causes the gums from the teeth and form attracted the bag easily infected. Ultimately loose teeth and may even fall out.

4. Open the package along with teeth
Use their teeth to hold knitting needles or yarn bite can make indentations in the front teeth, known as tailors notch. Meanwhile biting nails or unwrapping the teeth can likewise cause stress on the front teeth and cause small cracks.

5. Direct brush your teeth after eating

Acids and sugars produced when we eat weaken the protective enamel, albeit temporarily. So if you brush your teeth immediately after eating, brushing your enamel before it hardens again.

“Wait at least half an hour, or better brush your teeth before eating to remove bacteria when eating food, and then refresh yourself after eating using an alcohol-free mouthwash,” said dentist Phil Stemmer of London.

Health Business Opportunity

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