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Why Feels Heartburn After Drinking Milk?

Have actually you ever felt heartburn after drinking milk? If so, you may Have actually lactose intolerance or the body can not digest lactose in milk cow well.

Lactose intolerance can occur because the body lacks the enzyme lactase. As a result, the stomach was churning up experiencing diarrhea, bloating, and often flue gas. This reaction is more suffered by parents, because the enzyme lactase production decreases.

Lactose intolerance does not mean you are allergic to milk. So you do not need to stop drinking milk because of these symptoms. Lactose is particularly important to help the absorption of calcium in bones. “Lactose who make mules turned out to help calcium absorption. Vitamin D additionally helps in the absorption of calcium better,” said Senior Nutritionist Manager Fonterra Brands Indonesia, Ines Yumahana Gulardi in Jakarta, Friday (07/11/2014).

In addition, the stomach was churning could be because previously not used to drinking milk. Stomach be “shocked” accept lactose.
The content of calcium in an intake susus important to keep bones healthy and strong. Needs enough calcium to prevent osteoporosis. For that milk is not only good for kids, but additionally adults.

To relieve heartburn, Ines advised to drink milk that is not too thick in advance. Dilute milk by adding a little water. “Drinking milk in small amounts first. After that mostly,” said Ines.

You additionally can start by drinking yogurt lower lactose content. Also, do not drink milk when the stomach is empty or has actually not eaten before. Do it slowly until you are used to drinking milk and no longer feel heartburn.

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