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Savor Wild Ginger to Treat Liver

Wild Ginger (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) for generations in Indonesia known benefits for liver health. However, not all liver disorders can be treated along with curcumin compounds contained in the rhizomes.

A specialist in diseases of the Division of Hepatology, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM Irsan Hasan said, ginger can indeed provide protection for the liver, so it is best eaten to maintain health and prevent disease. But actually ginger can not be used to treat diseases, such as inflammatory disease of the liver (hepatitis).

“To overcome hepatitis caused by a virus, the virus would certainly have actually to be eliminated. While ginger only provide protection effect,” he said in a SOHO # BetterU talk show titled “World Hepatitis Day” on Tuesday (07/15/2014) in Jakarta.

Even so, consumption of ginger for hepatitis patients still provide benefits. Due to its protective effect, ginger can help slow or even stop the progression of the disease hepatitis.

“Progression of the disease can be inhibited viral hepatitis but still there if not treated,” said the consultant gastroenterohepatologi.

Unfortunately, the treatment of hepatitis is still limited. For the treatment of hepatitis B, for example, low treatment victory rate. Even if there are therapies along with a higher victory rate for hepatitis C is still a very expensive cost at Rp 800 million.

Hepatitis occurs in about millions of people international and kills about 1.4 million people annually. In Indonesia, according to the Health Research 2007, hepatitis occurs in about one in ten people.

Source : Kompas Online

Health Business Opportunity

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