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This reason vessels Nadi Always Visible Bluish

As we all know when everyone is the color of blood red. No matter whether he nobleman who is usually referred to as ‘blue blood’, or ordinary people. But why at a certain time, the blood vessels appear bluish?

Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki of the University of Sydney describes the blood pumped by the heart to the rest of the body is actually red as the color of cherries because it contains oxygen.

“Arriving in tissue, blood oxygen release. On the way back to the heart, blood additionally suck carbon dioxide so that the color changed to dark red. The question, then why vessels in pulse occasionally looks bluish?” he said as quoted by ABC Australia, Friday (07/11/2014).

To find the answer, Dr. Karl went on to cite an explanation from an article written in 1996. The title, ‘Why Do Veins Appear Blue: A Brand-new Look at an Old Question “which was written by a physicist named Prof. Dr. Alvin Kienle and colleagues .

It says Prof. Kinle, visible blood vessels bluish due to four main factors, namely:

1. The interaction of light along with skin

Light can show different reactions when interacting along with the skin. When up in the skin, the light will go, and then retransmitted absorbed by the skin.
But apparently Prof. Kienle found that blood vessels are close to the skin surface only reflect little red out. In contrast, the reflected color much he is blue, so that from the outside it looks blue veins, instead of red as it should.

2. The amount of oxygen contained in the blood

Most of the oxygen carried in the blood stored in a molecule called hemoglobin. When fully charged, the hemoglobin molecule can accommodate 4 molecules of oxygen, but under certain conditions such as under high temperature or in an acidic environment, then this oxygen was able to leave the hemoglobin.

With this last release of oxygen, blood color was changed to a darker, or dark red. Actually still red, but strangely in the human eye, the color is similar to a glimpse of blue.

3. The diameter and location of blood vessels in the skin

The deeper the location of blood vessels in the skin, the red color will be more subtle when the skin is exposed to light. And thanks to an optical physics complicated process, so from the outside it looks just blue.

In addition, it had to do along with the amount of oxygen contained in the blood earlier. Hemoglobin that has actually lost oxygen in the veins so looks darker than hemoglobin oxygen filled in the arteries. Even though the color differences are rather thin, but when exposed to light, then the vein was going to look more blue.

Moreover, most of the smaller diameter arteries and located far deeper so they are rarely seen on the surface of the skin.

4. Brain

The brain plays a rather important role in the process of human visual exposure received by the retina. Suppose if the color purple has actually always looked like purple? The answer is not necessarily, because if an object is placed next to a purple another object that is red, then the brain will ‘translate’ it as a blue color in our eyes.

Likewise along with these blood vessels. The existence of contrasting color on the surface of the skin causes the blood vessels underneath so inclined bluish.

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