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The Best Social Media Platforms to Enhance Your Network Marketing

Social media is a virtual necessity for every type of business, but it’s especially critical to multi-level marketing (MLM). The amount of people turning to social media as their first source for information or news searches has been roughly doubling annually in recent years. While there will always be a place for SEO-optimized websites and […]


Working From Home and Your Work/Life Balance: How to Make the Most of It

Working at home offers significant benefits to both the employer and the employee. From reducing office overhead to the flexibility it offers, more and more people are turning to work from home positions. With more than 30 million Americans currently working from home, according to the Telecommuting Forecast by Forrester Research, it is becoming a […]


Savor Wild Ginger to Treat Liver

Wild Ginger (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) for generations in Indonesia known benefits for liver health. However, not all liver disorders can be treated along with curcumin compounds contained in the rhizomes. A specialist in diseases of the Division of Hepatology, Department of Medicine Faculty of medicine / RSCM Irsan Hasan said, ginger can indeed provide protection for […]


This reason vessels Nadi Always Visible Bluish

As we all know when everyone is the color of blood red. No matter whether he nobleman who is usually referred to as ‘blue blood’, or ordinary people. But why at a certain time, the blood vessels appear bluish? Dr. Karl S. Kruszelnicki of the University of Sydney describes the blood pumped by the heart […]


Difficult Lose Weight? Start Reduce Sugar

Several people think that carbohydrates and fats in the diet is the culprit behind weight gain. In fact, the food and drinks that contain sugar, including natural sugar, is a source of calories unconscious.Experts say, all kinds of sugar, whether it’s natural sugars such as honey or agave, like any added sugars, harmful to health […]


Cut Sugar to Prevent Cavities

Little time we are often warned not to eat a lot of sweet candy because it can easily damage the teeth. This statement is not a figment. A recent study in the UK showed that reducing sugar consumption may reduce the risk of tooth decay significantly. The researchers found that the hole in the tooth […]


Simple Habits that Make Teeth Cracked

Sweet snacks and fruit juices that contain sugar is the main enemy of dental health. But in fact several other activities that seem harmless but it likewise has actually the effect of damaging the teeth.Activities such as sports was likewise bad for teeth. Dentists in Germany found that athletes who exercise longer have actually less […]


Why Feels Heartburn After Drinking Milk?

Have actually you ever felt heartburn after drinking milk? If so, you may Have actually lactose intolerance or the body can not digest lactose in milk cow well. Lactose intolerance can occur because the body lacks the enzyme lactase. As a result, the stomach was churning up experiencing diarrhea, bloating, and often flue gas. This […]


Drinking Coffee Good for Dental Health?

The benefits of drinking coffee for oral health is still debated. Lots of studies suggest, drinking coffee can only make the color of your teeth become dull or yellow. Tooth discoloration was due to the caffeine content of coffee attached to the outer layer of the tooth. However, other studies from Boston University found that […]